How To Activate Windows 11- Activate Windows 11

Activate Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest OS (operating system) released from Microsoft. When windows 11 was not officially released then a copy of windows 11 leaked from unknown sources. But now it is officially launched from Microsoft. 
Windows 11 look and features are very awesome as compared to the recent operating system i.e. Windows 10. But we can use and access windows 11 all features after activated. If we want to customize any feature like desktop, taskbar, and other features, then we need to register windows 11. For registration, we need a license key provided by Microsoft after paying the amount for him.
But in today’s post, I will tell you the easiest way to activate windows 11 without a license key.


Note: This guide is only for educational purposes.

How to activate windows 11

Follow these steps to activate windows 11 with cmd (Command Prompt)
  • First of all click on search and search here CMD (command prompt) 
  • Right-click on the command prompt and run it as Administrator


  • After opening the cmd, download the windows 11 activation file (Link given below)
  • Open this txt file and copy the first command 
  • Paste this command in cmd (don’t press enter)


Most important step

In this step copy the license key of windows 11 
make sure you choose the exact key match to your operating system. If you will use the wrong key then you can’t activate windows 11 you will get an error in activating your windows.
All keys provide in this text file 
Note: You can check the operating system by following these step
Right-click on This Pc shortcut and go to Properties
This type of interface will open and here you can see the current operating system (i.e 32-bit or 64-bit) of your computer or laptop.


  • After check, the operating system copies the same key 
  • Go back to the cmd, and the command we enter give space here and paste this key in the same line command and press enter
  • Now wait a few seconds until the command doesn’t successfully do


  • Now ok this message 
  • And again open the text file and copy the second command 
  • Paste this command in cmd and press enter
  • Wait a few seconds and then you will get the successfully done message



Final Step

  • In this step copy the last command from a text file and paste into the command prompt and press enter
  • Wait a few seconds until you get the confirmation message
Your windows 11 is fully activated now you can customize and use all the features on windows 11.
Note: If you get any error in the last step dint worry close this error and restart your computer. 
Enjoy your window is mow fully activated…
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Download Windows 11 activation file

Note: Popup Window option must be enabled in your browser to download it.

  • Goto browser settings and search popup and enable it.

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