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Crypto officers | How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works

Crypto officers are individuals who are responsible for managing and securing an organization’s cryptocurrency assets . This can include tasks such as managing private keys, handling transactions, and implementing security measures to protect against theft and fraud .

Crypto officers may work for a variety of organizations, including cryptocurrency exchanges, banks, and other financial institutions that deal with cryptocurrency . They may also work for businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, or for investment firms that manage cryptocurrency portfolios on behalf of clients . The specific duties of a crypto officer will vary depending on the size and nature of the organization they work for .

How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works

As we begin to unveil the secret 7, the primary and initial knowledge required to understand the secret seven is to know that these seven secrets that we are talking about are just seven highly qualified people to control the whole internet security .

What do these seven people actually do?Crypto officers

Dyn is one of the major providers of something called domain name system, which translates web addresses from names such as theeinfomance . com (easier to catch and remember for humans) to numbers or IP addresses (easier to remember for computers) that computers use to identify and know the web pages .

So the major thing here is that if you can control all of DNS, you can control the whole of the Internet . So here we get the answer to our question of what these seven people actually do . These seven people control the DNS at the highest level so that our information is safe . These people are called crypto officers . While hackers never got control of DNS due to the sincere crypto officers .

But If they successfully take it offline for even a few hours via a distributed denial-of-service attack shows how much the Internet relies on DNS . This attack briefly brought down sites like Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, and other important sites .

The tools that make them secret seven are just seven physical keys . These keys are not virtual but actual keys, just like the keys to our locks .

They do not indulge in any piracy activities since a single person does not control everything . Since 2010 all of these people have gathered to conduct a high secure ritual known as the key ceremony . These key holders meet four times a year, twice on the east coast of the US and twice on the west . Now, what is the key ceremony?

The key ceremony is the ceremony where the Internet’s metamorphic master lock is verified and updated .

The seven key holders, along with the backup seven Keyholders, constitute 14 primary keyholders, all of them owning a traditional metal key to a safety deposit box, which contains a MasterCard that activates the machine, which creates a new master key .

The master key makes the whole DNS secure and safe . It prevents the proliferation of fake web addresses, which could lead people to malicious sites which will help the hackers to steal data, credit card details, etc .

The backup seven key holders actually do not meet in the key ceremony; they stay in different parts of the world . They have the keys so that they can access the last resort measure if any unfortunate event happens . The backup keyholders actually have a slightly different key, which unveils the smart card containing a fragment of code that helps build a replacement key generating machine . Once a year, these seven backup keyholders send their photograph with the days’ newspaper and their key to verify that all is well .


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