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Decrypt Excel Files Online

Decrypt Excel Files Online


The biggest advantage of Advanced Excel Repair is its highly user-friendly interface, which supports Windows Explorer and thus makes sure that you simply don’t need to spend any time in familiarizing yourself with how the software works. All you would like to try to do is identify the corrupt Excel file that needs repairing and leave the remainder to Advanced Excel Repair.
Supporting most Excel versions – ranging from Excel 3, 4, 5 up to 2003, 2007 – Advanced Excel Repair can fix Excel files in both XLS and XLW formats. It employs a highly sophisticated algorithm that will perform a reasonably extensive scan of the corrupted Excel file and gauge the intensity of the damage caused to the file. Advanced Excel Repair can recover data from damaged files to the extent that not many recovery tools can.

Working Of Stellar Repair For Excel

Microsoft Excel files can become damaged or corrupted thanks to a spread of reasons. Unexpected system shutdowns, virus attacks, sudden hard disc crashes or problems in Microsoft Excel itself, can cause these files to become corrupted or damaged. this suggests that that the program finds it difficult to open the file and there’s a fear that each one the info contained within the file could also be lost. While Microsoft Excel does have options to automatically and manually recover such files, sometimes they prove inadequate in handling files that are substantially corrupted or damaged. Further, they’re not always ready to restore all the info from the corrupt Excel file rendering some valuable data lost forever.

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The best solution to repairing those Excel files that are damaged or corrupted substantially or those files that contain valuable data in order that each piece of knowledge needs restoring is Advanced Excel Repair from DataNumen. This tool can repair Excel files that are still accessible but can’t be opened by the program. Once the recovery process is over, the file or the info is saved during a remake of the workbook for you to figure on.


If a user would really like quite one Excel file to be repaired, Advanced Excel Repair makes it possible to repair batch files very easily. Once you identify the file or files that require to be repaired, you would like to easily click on the ‘Repair’ button to start out the recovery process. Advanced Excel Repair will gather all the interior file information and proceed to repair corrupt Excel files that are previously selected. In no time in the least, the repair process is completed and therefore the recovered data is stored during a readable format, ready to be used.

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Decrypt Excel Files Online

How to repair corrupt Excel files

  •  Open Stellar Repair For Excel
  • Click on Browse Button
  •  Select Your corrupt or damaged Excel file
  •  Click on Open Button
  •  Your file import in Stellar Repair For Excel
  • Click On Repair Button
  • Your corrupted Excel file is Repair successfully


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