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Google AdSense Identity Verification – Identity Verification

 Google AdSense Identity Verification

What is AdSense

AdSense is an advertisement network of google from where google shows different types of promotional videos, pictures (ads), and other types of advertisements on websites, YouTube, and mobile apps. Also, check how to add address line 1 and 2 in Adsense.

Why do we need to verify identity in AdSense

When we connect the google AdSense account to our YouTube channel or blog or website or any app and start showing advertisements on these accounts. When we earn $10 in the AdSense account then we received a notification from google adsense for identity verification.

Google wants to safe and secure its platforms so that is why it asks us for identity verification to verify it is not a bot, it is a real person who is using its product. 

They want to know the user who creates this AdSense account is a real or a fake program.  There is no other reason to collect our info.

How to complete identity verification in the Google AdSense account

First of all, log in to your AdSense account. In the dashboard, on top, you see this type of notification
 ”Your payment is currently on hold. Action is required to release payment”. 
And in the right corner of this notification, you can see an action button which we’ll use for identity verification.
So click on the Action button
After clicking on it, you will see this type of interface


Here you see an error message of “Verify your identity” and on the right side there is an option of ‘verify now’
So click on the ‘verify now’ button
When you click on it you will get this page to verify your identity.
On this page, all the info is available about identity verification like the acceptable documents list, which type of picture AdSense team will accept, and all other queries. 

Which documents we can use for identity verification

You can use the following documents to verify your identity in your Google AdSense account. 

In Pakistan 

In Pakistan, you can use
  • National Identity Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport

In India

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Card

Which type of photo is accepted for google AdSense verification

 The main thing in identity verification is a photo of your document. If you do any mistake in capturing picture of the document then your identity verification will be failed and you miss a chance of verification.

Keep in mind these things

  • The picture of the document will clear (No Flashlight)
  • There will be no blur of any info on the document
  • The corner of the document in the picture will be shown clear (Not Cropped)
Here I show an example of the picture which you send for verification


Capture both front and back sides of the document and merge them into 1 picture by using Pixallab or Picsart (On Mobile) and Adobe Photoshop (In Computer). 
Don’t remove the background of the picture because when you try to remove the background maybe any corner of the document will be cropped this way your identity verification will be failed.

How to upload picture for identity verification

When you combine the pictures and 1 image is ready 
Then click on the “Upload” button and pick the picture which you make and upload it


After uploading, the picture submits this picture to the Google AdSense team to review for identity verification.


After submitting the photo you will get this type of massage.
“Verification in progress”. Now your verification in pending this may take some minutes, hours, days, or week.”
When your verification will be done you will get a confirmation email from the Google AdSense support team.

This is the easiest way to verify identity in google AdSense.

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