Google Adsense PIN Not Received Problem Solved

   Google Adsense PIN Not Received 

Today I’ll tell you the solution of not receiving a google Adsense PIN.
When we complete identity verification in Adsense, the Adsense team mails a physical PIN (Personal identification number) for address verification. The criteria for receiving a pin is 30 days. 
Sometimes we did not receive our AdSense pin after 30 days. Then google Adsense provide us with 3 more tries to resend the Adsense pin. After 30 days we again reapply for a pin, again the Adsense team sends us a pin3 times. The process remains the same to reapply 3 times. 

Why AdSense PIN Not Received

The main reason for not receiving the Adsense pin which I found after my research is that there are no contact details on the AdSense pin. Because when we create an AdSense account google gives us two lines for address, address line 1 and address line 2. The address or contact details that we provide here will print on our Adsense pin. With the help of this address, the postman will arrive this pin to us.

How to fix this problem (Adsense PIN Not Received)

You need to do only 1 change and your AdSense pin will receive in 15 to 20 days. This change is my personal experience. 
  • First of all, open your Adsense account
  • Goto payment section
  • Scroll down and click here on manage settings
  • Now click on name and address
  • Scroll down and edit address line 2

Google adsense pin not received

In address line 2 enter your available contact number/Mobile number.
Format for entering a number: Contact (Your Mobile number)

How your problem will solve

When you enter your contact number in address line 2 and the next time when you reapply for an AdSense pin, this number will print on your mail, and this way the Post Office team easily informs you about your pin. This way you will receive your Adsense pin in 15 to 20 days. This method is 101% workable.

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