How To Add Address Line 1 And 2 In AdSense

Address line 1 and 2 in adSense is the main issue when we create an AdSense account we need to add address line 1 and 2 to in the AdSense signup form. If we add our address in the correct way then we will receive our Adsense pin at this address but if we add the wrong address then we will not receive our Adsense pin and we are unable to verify our AdSense with google AdSense pin. So in this post, I tell you what is address lines 1 and 2 in Adsense and how to add address lines 1 and 2 in AdSense.    

What is address line 1 in the AdSense account? 

Address line 1 is the original address where you live.

Address line 1 is a very important and primary address in a google Adsense account because if you enter the wrong address in address line 1 then you will face an error at the time of the verification.


Google Adsense team will check your address and match it to the document which you’re using for verification. If your address will not match then your google adsense account will not be verified due to which you cant receive your payment through non-verified adsense. That is why address line 1 is the most important thing when you create a new AdSense account.

Address line 2 In AdSense Account

Address line 2 is the secondary address in the Google AdSense account. Address line 2 is less important than address line 1 because if we left it blank then there will be no issue in our account. You can use address line 2 in the following cases;

For example, if you change your location due to migration, for a job, or any other reason then you can add address line 2 as a secondary address to get your google adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number). 

How to enter an address in address line 1 in AdSense account

In address line 1 enter the address which is on your national identity card, passport, driving license or any other document which through you will verify your identity in AdSense later.

Address Format For Urban

 House No, Block No, Colony Name/Town where you live, City, District




(If you want to make your address correct so write the same address which is on any government-issued document with the same format)

Address Format For Ruler Areas

Chak No (Village), Post office, City, District

(If you want to make your address correct so write the same address which is on your any government-issued document with the same format)


Very Important : ( Sometimes our address is longer than the character allowed from AdSense, so don’t worry enter your remaining address in address line 2)

How to enter an address in address line 2 in the Adsense account       

If you currently do not live at the same address which you provide in address line 1, due to any reason for office work, migration, or any other reason you can add address line 2 for a secondary address(Currently where you live). Give the complete address of your office, organization where you work, or your current location in address line 2.


Which language is best for entering address line 1 and 2?

If you have a doubt about the supported languages of address in AdSense so keep in mind you can enter your address in all the languages of the world that Google support. You can use

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Tamil


And all the other languages which Google supports 

Your address will be accurate, language does not matter. Google AdSense team has its own translator for translating all your languages. So don’t worry about address language.

If your Google Adsense pin is not received then check your solution here.

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