How To Claim YouTube Short Bonus – YouTube Shorts Fund

  How To Claim YouTube Short Bonus

Today I’ll tell you how you can claim YouTube short bonus. Recently YouTube announced that he gave short funds to the creator who makes short videos.
YouTube decided to give $100 Million to all the short video creators as a bonus.
The main thing which is most important for short video creators is that they can get a YouTube shorts bonus without joining the YouTube partner program (i.e If the short video creator’s channel is not accepted in the YPP youtube partner program.
The channel I show in the above video is an example of this case. This channel was demonetized due to reused content. But I got $406.47 as a YouTube short bonus.
Now I tell you how to claim YouTube short bonus. When you create YouTube short videos and get good response/views then YouTube send you a mail and also send a notification in your YouTube creator studio like this

In this notification YouTube tells “You’re eligible for a bonus from the YouTube shorts fund. Claim your bonus by the 25 of the month or it may expire” and give a Claim Bonus button.

  • First of all click on the claim bonus button
  • You’ll see this type of interface

Here YouTube wrote that

Wait for payment
If you have been paid by AdSense in the past, you should receive your payment between the 21st and 26th of January. Learn more
If this is your first time receiving payment through AdSense, check that your account is fully set up to receive payment. Once complete, payment is made from AdSense between the 21st and 26th of the month. Learn more

* Final payment may differ depending on your AdSense currency and the current exchange rate.

It means our short bonus is successfully claimed. We will receive our short fund’s payment in AdSense payout days.

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