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How To Earn Money Online – Earn Money Online

 How To Earn Money Online

Nowadays online earning is a very popular and important method for students, skill holders, and others who know about the online field. There are a lot of fields and ways to earn money online. Today we discuss a real and authentic way to earn money online. This method is very for students and all others who know about online a bit.



There is a website named adf.ly which I used to earn money for free. This is basically a URL shortener website where you can shrink your large URL and also you can make money through it. This is the very easy and fastest way to make money online because every day we share a lot of links to news, videos, some apps, etc, so if you shrink your URL from this website then you can easily make money and your friend gets his link as well.





Above I mentioned a screenshot of my adfly account’s dashboard. You can see I earned almost $70 from it without doing anything. 

How This Website Work

Adfly is a URL shortener website. Mostly when we copy any link of our post, video, app, and any other URL, this URL is too long and we get irritated when we send it to our friend. But if we use this website then we can short our link. Also when we shrink our link and send this link to our friends, family members, or our social media audience, when they click on this link an ad is displayed when they skip this ad your 1 click or view will count and this way you get a view and these views convert into money in your account. 

How To Shrink URLs

  • First of all copy any link of your post, video, app, or any other URL. 
  • Open your adfly account (You can create your account after watching the above video)
  • Now paste your link into the URL bar and click on the shrink button
  • Your URL is ready for share
  • Copy this URL and share it with your friends 




How To Get Paid From Adfly

When you earn $5 from this website first time then you can withdraw this amount from your wallet.
After the first withdrawal, you will get paid when your payment threshold reaches $10 minimum.

Payment Method Supported in Adfly

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

Payout Rate Of Adfly

The most important thing about the payout rate of adfly is that it has no fixed rpm (Revenue Per Mile). It depends on your traffic mean in which country your views and click are done. If you target foreign countries then you can earn a good amount on 1k views. If you target Asian traffic then you can earn a low amount from this website.
Join this website here and get the signup bonus.

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