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How To Get Old Right Click Menu In Windows 11

Right click menu in Windows 11 is changed and a new menu is added from Microsoft. In the new right-click menu we need to first press right-click and then chose the last option of the menu to see more options to get the old menu in which all old features are listed. But don’t if you want to revert to the classic right-click menu in Windows 11 then this is a really helpful blog for you. In this post, I will show you how you can enable the old right-click menu as it is in Windows 10.


How to get old right click menu in windows 11 

To get back the old right-click menu follow these steps

  • First of all download a “.reg” file (the download link is given below)
  • After downloading the file open the zip file you will get 2 files in this zip file.
  • First, open the second file Enable “old right-click menu.reg”. A popup message will appear from the registry editor “Yes” to it.

How To Get Old Right Click Menu In Windows 11

  • That’s it your old right-click menu is now enabled.

how to get old right click menu in windows 11

Note: Later if you want your new Windows 11 right click menu the again and open the zip file. Open Disable old right-click menu and press yes. The old right-click menu will be disabled and now you are shifting to the new Windows 11 right-click menu.

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