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How To Increase Viewability In Google Adx

Increase Viewability In Google Adx is very important for you. Because many google adx matrices depend on viewability. The main effect of low viewability on your account is that when Google finalizes your payment on 1st date, you will have invalid earning detection. Also due to low viewability, you will face unfilled impression issues.

Google Adx Unfilled Solution

If you want to know the reasons why your viewability is low and how to increase it you are at the right place. I will give you a valid and working method to increase viewability in Google adx.

Google Adx Unfilled Impressions Solution

Reasons For Low Viewability In Google Adx 

Here are some major reasons for low viewability.

Ad Placement

The main reason for low viewability in Google adx is ad placement. When a user opens a page of our website we place the ad on the top, in the page and footer also. If a user spends more time on our website and scrolls the page at the end all ads are shown to him and our viewability remains good. On the other hand, if a user opens our page and due to lack of interest in our content he leaves our website it affects our viewability.

Page Load Speed

Lazy load pages also affect the viability. Also, lazy pages affect the ranking of our website. When a page does not load properly and fast the ads will not appear or may be loaded late till the user leaves our page or scrolls from the ads. This also affects and decreases the viewability in Google adx.

How To Increase Viewability In Google Adx

Here are some authentic ways to increase viewability in Google adx.

Improve Ad Placement

This is the main tool to optimize viewability in Google adx. The best way to improve ad placement is to use sticky ads. It will increase viewability. The reason is that when users scroll the page the ads remain stuck on the page and this way viewability increases.

The best placement to add sticky ads is a sidebar, sidebar ads only show on a desktop so if your traffic is mostly from mobile use the bottom for the sticky ads.

Watch this video for a method to place sticky ads. It will help you to understand sticky ads setup. 

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