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How To Increase eCPM In Google Adx

If you want to learn how to increase eCPM in Google adx then you are at the right place. I will guide you through the concept of ECPM and also we learn about why ECPM goes down and how we can increase it.

Increase eCPM In Google Adx

What is eCPM

eCPM stands for effective cost mile (mile=1000=1k). The rate of revenue we earn in Google adx or any other earning platform counts on the base of cost per mile. The more eCPM we get more we earn. That is why eCPM is very important to us.

Let’s understand the eCPm through an example. If you got 100k impressions in your google adx account and the eCPM rate is $2. The generated revenue will be $200. This is a simple and easy way to understand the concept of eCPM.


CPM stands for cost per mile and eCPM stands for effective cost per mile. So it is the same thing only inshort from we say cpm. Otherwise the mean and unit are the same for CPM and eCPM.

Why eCPM in Google Adx Not Increase

Here are some reasons why ecmp does not increase in our Google adx account.

Wrong Ad Placement

This is a major issue due to which we face low ecpm problem. Ad placement plays a vital role in vieability and high cpm. If we do not work to optimize ad placement on our website it causes low viewability and low CPM. If we do not get good CPM we can’t earn a reasonable amount from Google we expect.

Content Quality

As you know google AI system shows ads on the basis of keywords you target and user interest. If you target low-quality content then you will face a low cpm issue. If you target low cpm content definitely you will get low cpm because advertisers not spending on this type of keywords that you are targeting.

Traffic Sources

One of the main part on which our earning game is held is traffic. If we get good traffic then we can earn from Google. If you target those keywords that are ranked in tier 2, or tier 3 countries it causes low cmp.

How To Increase eCPM In Google Adx

To improve CPM follow these steps if will help you to improve CPM in your google adx account.

Improve Ad Placement

First of all, check your earning report in Google adx and analyze which ad unit gives you better cpm and which ad causes low cpm. Then change the ad sizes. For the best and highest CPM and high viewability check these ad sizes.

After that, one of the other important things is to place sticky ad sizes instead of normal ad codes. Sticky ads help in increasing viewability and cpm. Try to place ad codes at the top of your web page instead of the bottom/footer of the website. It will also help you to improve ecpm.

Improve Content Quality

As we discussed above the content is king it is the main element in our earning. If you will improve your content quality it will directly affect your cpm. As a result, you will get high com. Also, try to target high cpm instead of low com.

Traffix Quality

If you are doing traffic arbitrage and driving social or paid direct traffic on your website and doing arbitrage then make sure to improve your arbitrage strategy. Create a redirect link and convert your direct and social traffic into organic traffic. It will help to increase in co,m. If you get direct traffic it will cause high invalid detection. Also, direct traffic gives low viewability and average view duration because they are not interested in our content. Improve your traffic quality and source to get high cpm.

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