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How To Place Google Adx Sticky Ads On WordPress Website

Place Google Adx Sticky Ads On WordPress Website, A sticky ad is the best ad format for high cpm, high vieability, and high earing. In this particular blog post, we will discuss which ad units are best for sticky ad placement and how to place Google Adx sticky ad placement.

What Is a Sticky Ad?

A sticky ad is a format of an ad that is not moving even when the page scrolls up or down. Its placement is fixed and its place may be changed according to the requirement. 

Place Google Adx Sticky Ads On WordPress Website

Benefits Of Sticky Ads

Sticky ads help us to get high viewability in Google adx. Also if you are facing a low eCPM issue in Google Adx use sticky ads and you will get good results with sticky ads. This ad placement is the best way to engage user retention. When the ad is stuck on the screen and the user watches the ad for a long time it helps to get a high click rate.

How To Place Google Adx Sticky Ads On WordPress Website

Placement of sticky ads in WordPress websites is very simple and easy. We can place google adx sticky ads on WordPress websites with two methods. We will discuss them both so you can choose the best one which you feel easily.


Method 1 (By using a plugin)

In this method, you can place Google Adx ads on the WordPress website by using a WordPress plugin. The plugin’s name is AdFoxly this is a good ad placement plugin for WordPress. It provides more features than an ad inserter. You can change the placement of adx like you can stick ads with this plugin. 

Another benefit of this plugin is that you don’t need to select ad placements manually. It has some built-in format of sticky ads in this plugin. Also, you can set the timer of the ad shown. 

First of all, install this plugin and activate it. Go to the settings and click on the ad fixly icon and you will be redirected to the plugin dashboard. Here click on Create Ad Unit give him a name like a footer sticky and then select the ad placement. Place the body code in the given box and save it. 

Note: For Google adx ads paste the Header code under the head tag. Also, you can use the header and footer plugin if you don’t know about coding.

Method 2

Some WordPress theme has this built-in feature to stick any ads sticky ad. By using this feature you can make any ad sticky. If this feature is not available in your WordPress theme then you can use the first method. Also read this

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