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Ransomware Decrypt Tool

Ransomware Decrypt Tool


What is this file:-

In the “ransomwareremoval.bat” file I pasted some codes which use for the removal of viruses, malware, ransomware and are also helpful for removing other species from computers or laptops.
When we paste this code’s file in the resource kits folder then we can access the scan and remove viruses. For the installation of this file, we use another Microsoft tool that makes this file workable.

What is inside this file:-

In this bat file, there are some codes that we use to access all PCs those files which are accessible for common users.
When we paste this file into the tools folder in which we already installed a subnicl tool we get no access to scanning.

Where you paste this bat file:-

  • First of all click on search and search “%programfiles(x86)” and press enter
  • When you press enter system open the directory of this folder
  • Now press “W” from the keyboard you will get a folder named “Windows Resource Kits” 
  • Open this folder
  • In this folder, you will get another folder “Tools” open this folder and paste the bat file (Download link given below)

How to run RansomwareRemoval.bat file


When you paste this file in the same location which I tell you the follow these steps to run this file

  • Click on search and search here “cmd”
  • Right-click on it and open it in the administrator 
  • when cmd run in administrator then enter this command
cd %programfiles(x86) \windows resource kits \tools 
  • After entering this command press enter
Now final step
  • Go to the location where you paste the bat file and right-click on the bat file and copy the name of the bat file with the file extension
  • Paste this name in cmd and press enter
  • This type of program will load and start scanning your pc
  • When the scanning will complete your PC’s file will be unlocked
  • This program will take some time like 20 to 30 minutes
Note: To run this program you need to install the Microsoft tool if you didn’t install you can never access this scanning.

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Download Ransomware Decrypt Tool

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