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ReCaptcha Solver

ReCaptcha Solver

In this post, I’ll tell you how you can solve captcha and Recaptcha automatically with the help of buster captcha solver. It is a very easy and simple method to solve Recaptcha automatically.

Mostly when we visit different sites then we need to solve ReCaptcha to access the site or when we try to download some file then we need to solve the captcha or Recaptcha.

How To Solve Captcha Automatically

In the first step, you need to install an extension in your browser (Google chrome, firefox, edge, etc). After installing this extension activate it.

How To Use Buster Captcha solver

First of all, go to the page where you want to solve the captcha 

When a captcha will appear you will see the logo of buster captcha solver below the captcha

captcha solver

Just click on the logo of the buster captcha solver

The extension will automatically solve your captcha.

recaptcha solver

Download Extension 


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