top4user Reused Content

Reused Content Appeal Video Script

Reused Content Appeal Video Script

Hello YouTube Team!

My name is (Waseem Raza) and my channel’s name is (TOP4USER). This is the URL of my channel. I upload (225) videos on my channel and I create content in (Tech) niche. Recently I apply for monetization but my channel was rejected due to reused content. There is no reused material on my channel. My content is genuine and follows the youtube partner program policy. Also there is no policy violation I made on my channel. Let me show the proof on my channel:

First of all, I will show you how I create my videos. This is the screen recorder which I use to film my videos. First I open it and start recording my video. After recording the video I import this video into the (Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, Kinemaster) and edit my video. I use background music from the youtube audio library which is totally free and non-copyrighted.

appeal video script top4user

Now I show you how I create thumbnails for my videos. I use (Pixallab, Picsart) to create thumbnails for my videos. Here is the recent project of my thumbnail. I think these proofs are enough to prove that my content is original and unique. So I requested you to re-review my channel and accept it into the youtube partner program. Thanks! reused content appeal video script

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