Reused Content YouTube – How To Fix Reused Content

Reused content on youtube is a very common problem for new and also for old content creators. Almost 30 to 40% of channels reject due to reused content when they apply for monetization (YouTube partner program).

This is not a very big issue if you read this complete post then you will find the solution of your problem. If your channel has also been rejected due to reused content youtube then don’t worry it is very simple to fix this problem. You can also check how to add address line 1 and 2 In AdSense.

reused content youtube

Reasons for reused content

It is very simple and easy to find reused content. If you look at the word “Reused” it means use again. So now I tell you the reasons for reused content.

  • If you upload your own video on your channel more than one time (i.e Re-upload your own video) then youtube consider it reused content and your channel will not accept for monetization.


  • If you upload videos of other creators on your channel then youtube will reject your channel’s monetization due to reused content or repetitive content. 


  • If you download some videos from social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and upload those videos on your channel then you will face reused content problem on your channels, because the uploading of social media videos on youtube is not allowed.


  • If you collect some videos from social media and compile them into a single video and upload it on your channel then you will not be accepted into the youtube partner program because the compilation of videos is not allowed from youtube. So your channel will reject due to reused content.

Reused Content Due To Background Music

This is the most important thing you need to know about reused content. Sometimes we need background music for our videos, we search for background music on youtube and directly download a music from youtube and use it in our videos. This is also a reason of reused content. 

Never use music that has no creative commons license. Always use copyright-free music, for this you can use NCS (Non copyrighted sounds) or you can use the youtube audio library which has a million of free music, sounds, and effects. This way your channel will not reject due to reused content.

How To Find Reused Content On YouTube

There is no direct way to see and find reused content on our channel. Even when youtube rejects a channel due to reused content, they give no details about which videos are in reused content due to which your channel rejects. We find reused content by following the youtube content policy.

 Above I discuss some common and main points due to which reused content occurred.

How To Fix Reused Content

Now I tell you how to fix reused content and how to monetize a reused content channel. Just follow these steps, after this your channel’s reused content problem will be 100% solved.

Delete Reused Content Videos 

First of all you need to delete all those videos which are not your own but you upload it on your channel. You download these videos from youtube or other social media platforms this thing doesn’t matter just delete all these videos. 

Note: Sometimes when we upload a video of any creator after editing, our video got no copyright claim, in this case you think this video is not reused but you’re wrong. YouTube count this type of content in reused but the youtube algorithm gives you no restriction.

So in the first step delete all reused material from your channel.

Split Short Clips 

Sometimes creators use short clips of different creators in their videos, youtube allows this in some cases like if you have a roasting channel and you want to add some short memes in your videos then you can do it. If you have a comedy channel and you want to add some short funny clips in your videos, you can do it without any issue. And in other categories channels, you can use clips with the same process, use short clips like 3 seconds 4 seconds, and so on. 

But you make a mistake by adding large clips in your videos. By using large clips you will get reused content issue on your channel. So split all large clips from your videos. You can do it by watching this video.

After splitting these parts (clips) your reused content problem will solve (If reused occur due to those clips).

Delete Reuploaded Content 

In this step, there are two cases


If you have reuploaded (Upload more than one time) your own video on your channel then this is not allowed from youtube. It is against of youtube content policy. So delete all re-uploaded videos from your channel.


If you have uploaded your 1 video on your multiple channels, then you are doing a mistake. YouTube allows creators to upload a video only on one channel. If someone uploads a video on more than one channel he will get reused content problem in monetization.

Replace Copyrighted Music

If you are using music in your videos from copyrighted platforms/websites or direct from youtube, then you need to replace all those copyrighted music. Because this is also a big reason of reused content.

Note (This thing doesn’t matter you got a copyright claim on your video or not).

After watching this tutorial you can easily replace music from your videos. Always use NCS (Non copyrighted sounds)

After replacing copyrighted music your reused content problem will be solved (If reused occur due to that copyrighted music).

Change Videos Metadata

Videos metadata (Title, tags, description, and thumbnail) is very important at the time of monetization. Due to metadata you will not get reused content but due to wrong metadata your channel will reject due to 

So set your channel’s metadata.


The steps I mentioned above after following these steps your reused content problem will be solved. After reading this if you have any confusion you can watch this tutorial for further details.

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