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YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the place where we can manage our youtube channel. We can upload, optimize, and edit videos in youtube studio. YouTube studio also known as youtube creator studio. YouTube studio is available as an application form and also in desktop site form. We can access it both way the app and from the desktop. 

YouTube Creator Studio

If you’re a part of YPP (YouTube partner program) then it is very compulsory for you to know about youtube studio. Because without knowing this you can’t make your channel effective. And without using youtube creator studio you cant upload your content properly. If you want to optimize your content (SEO: Search engine optimization) then you need to learn about yt studio.

YouTube Studio: How to access

There are two ways to access the youtube studio

1st Method: YouTube Studio Web

  • First of all open youtube
  • Click on your profile picture 
  • Here you will see different options but you will click on youtube studio
  • The youtube creator studio will open 

2nd Method: YouTube creator studio mobile

In this method, we will use a mobile phone to access the creator studio

  • First of all open the play store
  • Search youtube studio
  • Install the official app of yt studio
  • After installing the app sign in to your channel and now you can manage your channel here.

youtube creator studio

Features Of YouTube Studio


In the dashboard, you will see the main analytics of your channel (Views, subscriber change, Revenue, and watch time). Also you can see the latest news and updates from youtube on the dashboard.

Content Tab

In the content tab, you can see your all uploads (videos, shorts, posts, stories and lives). From the content tab, you can edit your videos and add titles, descriptions, and tags. Also, you can add subtitles (cc), cards and end screens.


The main thing in youtube studio is analytics. In this tab, you can see how your channel and how your videos are performed, how many viewers view your content, how many users like and comment on your videos, how many time they watched your content, and how many users subscribe to your channel and how much revenue you earned. All these things you can see and manage in your channel’s analytics tab.

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