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Complete 4K Hours YouTube Watch Time Free

YouTube watch time of 4k hours is compulsory to apply for YPP (YouTube Partner Program. If you are a content creator on youtube then you know it is not easy to complete 4k hours watchtime on youtube. Nowadays the competition is very high in every niche so for a new creator it is very difficult to meet the youtube partner program criteria (1k subscribers & 4k hours watchtime.

If you want to complete the 4k hours watch time on your youtube channel this method will help you to complete your youtube watch time fast.

Compulsory Element For YouTube Watchtime

To get watchtime on your youtube channel you need some elements that are as follows:


RDP stands for remote desktop protocol. It is the most important element for youtube watchtime. You can buy it from any seller also you can contact us if you want rdp from us.

Chrome Profile Generator

This tool will help us to make unlimited Chrome profiles just in 1 click. You can download it from here

VPN File

In this file, you will get the list of those VPNs which give us non-drop watchtime. That is why it is also necessary for watchtime work.

Add Link File

In this file, you will get a pre-design format of watchtime setup. You just need to paste your videos links into it. After that when you run this file in all tabs your videos will play automatically. You don’t need to play your videos manually. Also check

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