Zong Free Internet Trick (Lifetime Free)

Zong Free Internet Trick

In this post, I will tell you a real and workable trick to using free internet on Zong SIM. You can use the internet on Zong sim for a lifetime easily. We will do it with the help of an HTTP file. Before knowing this trick you need to know about HTTP. So first we discuss HTTP customs and then we will move on to the trick of free internet.

What is HTTP Custom?

HTTP Custom is an SSH client and a VPN client with a custom HTTP request header to secure browsing. Much like similar apps, it is known to secure a connection over SSH for secure client access.
The app covers a lot of connection modes a lot of debugging tools and even some additional tools on HTTP Injector.


It is an easy tool to modify requests and access websites blocked behind a firewall with SSH and VPN. You will also get a free unlimited VPN server with no username, password, registration, or bandwidth limitation while using the app.
The app shows low ads compared to HA Tunnel Plus and is similar to HTTP Injector, making it ideal for tunneling tasks.
With the right app settings, you will get stress-free internet access regardless of your country. Many reviews have proven that the app has fewer bugs when connecting, making it ideal for free internet access as well.

Features Of Http Custom

Following are the main features of the HTTP custom.
User-friendly interface
The layout and interface of the apps are very user-friendly, and all options are available on the main screen for easy access and adjustments.
Safe Browsing
One of the most important aspects that any VPN should have is the safety of its users. This application has just benefited from total security for your navigation.
Uses both SSH and VPN (2 in 1)
HTTP Custom combines both VPN and SSH for connection, which is a rare case in many VPN applications. Moreover, SSH supports SNI and you can also use your SNI hosts for free internet access.
DNS Changer
The app can act as a VPN changer that can route, and forward connections through DNS.
Custom Request Header
You can set up your own custom request header in the app where all connections will be initiated.
You can share your SSH / VPN connection (Hotspot or USB Tethering):
Just like with HTTP Injector, you can share your VPN connection with your PC or any other phone.
Free Unlimited VPN Server
You have access to a list of many VPN servers from which you can choose one and connect securely.
No Root Required
The app works entirely without a root, but however, to access some connection sharing options you will need a root. Rooting is very important and this is how you get to root your mobile device.

Zong Free Internet Trick

Step 1:

First of all, you need to install an HTTP custom application on your mobile phone. It is very easy to install an HTTP custom application (Link given below).

Step 2:

In this step, you need an HTTP (.hc) file to access free internet on zong. This file plays a primary role in this process. If you use fresh and high-speed hc files then you will get high-speed internet, on the other hand, if you use an old hc file or low-speed hc file then your internet will run slow. A high-speed hc file’s the link I mentioned below. You can download it easily and can enjoy free internet.

Step 3:

This is the final step of this process. In this step, you need to load your hc file in HTTP custom to use free internet. For this

  • Click on the “+” icon
  • Click on “Open Config”


Now import the hc file which you will download from the below’s link.
Then click on the start button. Booooommmmmm….. Your internet is now free on your Zong sim. There is no limit on time or data. You can use unlimited data at any time. Also, download KineMaster Pro Here.
Download Files Here

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LrqX8TIvMokuF1mYfydXYn9sMwXALNZC/view?usp=drivesdk” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#ef2d39″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Download[/su_button]
[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=istark.vpn.starkreloaded” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#ef2d39″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]HTTP Custom[/su_button]


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